From One to the Next

For my BFA senior thesis, I explored how memory is collective, overlapping from person to person. We are all wired to feel and experience life in similar manners, leaving context and circumstance to separate us.

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The work below revolves around a process of remembering, rearranging the memories and finding the links. I applied my own connections that these memories evoke to introduce form and imagery with  focus on tactility and physicality.

I collected memories from family and friends and created collections—some of which are goodbye, childhood, laughter, the 4th of July, and September 11th.
Goodbyes can be a memory as light as leaving for work in the morning or as heavy as losing a loved one. They are often intimate and personal memories that are hard to share. These small booklets range in emotion from light to heavy memories; the color and paper weight following suit. The legibility within is manipulated to match the struggle of sharing the particular memory. The mirrored shelf speaks to the human interaction of saying goodbye and the inner reflection it often prompts.
Childhood is often similar for everyone, days filled with playing, games, being outside and carefree. Within this book, the pages are overfilled by words that scream being a kid. The pages all play together and endless combinations of memories can be created.
Laughter is something that is so full of good feelings—your eyes are tearing up, it's impossible to take a breath, and your stomach hurts in the best way—we only wish the memory of it could be captured in a photograph. The core feeling of the memories are indescribable, just blurred chaotic moment of laughter that can rarely be returned to.
The 4th of July is a carefree day filled with family, friends, food, and fireworks. A day when everyone is joined together by a celebration of America. These triangular memories are printed on cotton tshirts and connected together both physically and in color.
September 11th was a chaotic day filled with illogical events. Depending on our age, we remember being in school or at work, contacting loved ones, and endless news and media coverage. This nonsensical, unexplainable map strings together each memory from one specific word to the next.

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